Thursday, 28 April 2011

Q2 2011 RadControls for Winforms Roadmap

The roadmap for Q2 2011 RadControls for WinForms is now available. There are again, a host of additional features and controls that have been much requested on the Telerik Winforms forums.

These include

Property Grid
This powerful control will provide a sophisticated Visual Studio-style property grid, and will allow for theming and customizations. Developers will be able to easily create a hierarchical list of editable properties and represent any data type or sub-item. Different types of editors will be available depending on the type of the corresponding object properties.

ListView Control
The ListView control is a databound control that will support different views: Tile View, Details View, and more. It will be based on our generic data layer (which is already in use by RadGridView and other controls). It will support data operations such as grouping, filtering and sorting. Of course it will support our advanced theming mechanism and will allow editing of different data types.

For full information on the Q2 2011 roadmap, see this link

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