Friday, 6 July 2012

Telerik's free e-book on unmissable ASP.NET 4.5 Features

With the new Visual Studio 2012 comes a lot of new features and benefits, and to go along with that, Telerik have released a free e-book full of time saving highlights to help you develop faster.

To download the e-book and find out more, follow this link

Friday, 8 June 2012

See what’s new in Telerik’s .NET tools and get a discount!

The Q2 2012 Webinar Week is quickly approaching (as is Telerik's upcoming major release) As always, Telerik are organizing this week-long event packed with hour-long webinar sessions to walk you through all the awesome things they’ve been working on during the past four months. If you’re eager to be among the first to learn how the Q2 bits can enhance your productivity, then book your place by going to :

Thursday, 26 April 2012

News on the Telerik 2012 Roadmap

News is out on the Telerik Winforms 2012 Roadmap and includes some very exciting features.

At last the RadChart will be replaced with an easier-to-use one with a fresh new look, we will have a CTP of a RadPivotGrid, a much-awaited feature and there are several updates to the theming mechanism and memory usage improvements.

Find out more at the roadmap page

Monday, 20 February 2012

Telerik's new Microsoft Platform Guide

Telerik say:
“The Microsoft .NET platform, originally introduced in 2002, is mature and it provides developers with great options for creating software that can meet the requirements of any project. With many options, though, it can be difficult for today’s .NET developer to choose the correct .NET technologies for a project.

Addressing this problem, Telerik has assembled its senior technical leaders to produce the Microsoft Platform Guidance 2012. This document attempts to provide prescriptive guidance for .NET developers trying to determine the best .NET technologies to use for specific software challenges.

NOTE: This guidance does not include Windows 8, currently in a pre-beta preview. After Windows 8 reaches beta, we will update this guidance to reflect it.”

Monday, 6 February 2012

Latest Telerik News For 2012

Registration for Telerik’s Q1 release webinar week is now open! Telerik are shifting the releases to better suite customer needs.
One lucky winner from each webinar will leave with a Telerik Ultimate Collection license worth $1999. To enter the drawing and participate in the Q&A session, you must attend the live webinar.

Telerik Reporting in Q1 2012

Telerik Reporting will feature an end-user report designer. This feature is huge for all of our reporting customers – it has been the #1 request for a few years now. You can find more details here:

RadControls for WinForms in Q1 2012

The 2012 Q1 release of Telerik’s WinForms suite will bring two of the most voted for features in our Public Issue Tracking System. We’ve added printing support for RadScheduler and RadGridView, which will enable end-users to directly pass the control’s contents to a printer. We’ve also developed a brand new control – RadTimePicker, which will help end-users improve their fill-in forms. You can find more details here:

OpenAccess ORM in Q1 2012

OpenAccess ORM is about to introduce Batch Operations in 2012 Q1, which will make it easier than ever to work with large data models. With the help of a simple dialog end-users will be able to update many (or all) classes and properties using a single configurable batch operation, such as changing the namespace of domain classes. Model-first developers will save a lot of coding time by utilizing the new fluent code generation capabilities, which will generate their classes automatically by reverse-mapping their database, as it is done with the Visual Designer models. You can find more details here:

JustTrace Introduces Dominator Tree Analysis

Dominator Tree Analysis in the Memory profiler will be launched in the internal build slated for next week. The resulting information is useful in exploring and reducing memory usage. Particularly, to help find memory leaks caused by individual objects. Sometimes you can learn a lot by looking at memory distribution in terms of individual objects!