Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Resolve Cannot find resource XXX.rlinq embedded in assembly - Telerik Open Access

Just recently, I've been playing with Telerik's Open Access ORM. Now that I have it all set up and working correctly, I find it a joy to use. Unlike the ORMs of old, there is no complex XML configuration. Like an old DBA friend of mine used to say, it's no longer like kicking a whale up a beach.

When I started with it, I went through the on-line tutorial, and follwed everything it said to get my first test solution up and running. but I received an error.

Cannot find resource XXX.rlinq embedded in assembly XXX.

I also noticed that the rlinq diagram had not mapped the types correctly.

After a few attempts, I went to the Telerik Forums, and eventually got my answer. This is an issue that will soon be fixed in the next release, but the workaround is so simple.

In Visual Studio 2010, when you start a new project it adds the project to a temp location until you decide to save the solution in it's 'real' project location (E.g. in your Projects directory).

Simply ensure that you have built and saved your solution before adding your rlinq diagram and it will all work like a dream,

If you experience the error in the screenshot above where the types have not been created correctly, then closing and re-opening the rlinq diagram solves this.

This is due to be resolved in the next release, but until then, I hope someone finds this of use.

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