Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Telerik to provide WinForms Rich Text Editor Control

Telerik are to add to it's great suite of RadControls for WinForms a Rich Text Editor. Currnetly, they soliciting feedback on what features you would like to see from a Telerik WinForms Rich Text Editor.

If you're interested in seeing the industry leading component development company add this new product to the list of WinForms controls, then you can open a new support ticket with subject RichTextEditor, and send your responses of the following questions (feel free to extend these, if needed):
  1. What format would you like to save the content in (HTML, XAML, XML, DOC, DOCX, etc)?
  2. Will you need exporting functionality? If yes, what export formats will you need in your apps?
  3. What advanced editing features will you need (for example table support, image support, etc)?
  4. What is the main purpose of such a tool that you will need? For example, will you be editing documents, producing PDFs for archives, exporting data in other formats?
  5. Do you plan to integrate the rich text editor with another product (such as reporting, CRM, etc)? If yes, we will appreciate it if you give us more details about your needs.
  6. What other products have you used and what you like and dislike about them?
  7. How would you feel if we use DirectWrite (this will require Vista SP2+ or Win7). How many of your customers are still using WinXP?
  8. Would you prefer to use the new Ribbon interface, or the older menu/toolstrip setup?
I'll look forward to seeing this added to the controls.


  1. Hi Richard,

    I'm very close to actually Buying the complete package from Telerik and the only features i see missing is the Rich textbox editor. But to answer your questions here goes. (right now using one of your competitors tools, and want to switch over)

    1. Doc, Docx, RTF, HTML, XML, XAML
    2. Export to PDF would be the only thing right of the top of my head.
    3. Well i would say something like you have in word, Header/Footer, Tables, columns, Different font's, images, protect/unprotect etc.
    4. Well i have a current application right now that is VB6 and I want to rewrite it, but allow it to have improved features like Rich textbox editor, we currently have this interface but only font's etc and ability to paste pictures, for certain parts of our Application. This is also used for special entries into the DB.
    5. I would for sure use this as much as possible throughout our applications.
    6. Well currently i use Devexpress, but their lack of ORM support is making me want to change to Telerik. Their Rich Text Editor is very nice, lacks some features, but other than that ok.
    7. I actually have around 1000 users still on XP.
    8. I would actually prefer if there was an option for both, might not always be Ribbon forms you are using in the applications (I have one application designed in both formats)

    Hope to see this added to the controls as well rather sooner than later.


  2. Thanks for the comment Thomas. I'll be sure to pass on your feedback.
    All teh best

  3. I would simply like to be able to load a HTML document and be able to edit in either HTML or RichText WYSIWIG

  4. This Blog was written on WEDNESDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2010. Now it is June 06, 2012...

    What is the Status of the Control?

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  6. You can also check the Nevron Rich Text control for WinForms (http:\\, which is significantly faster...